On the Step with thatmallardguy

#9 - Catalina Crew Chief David Legg and "Miss Pick Up"

Episode Summary

David Legg is a Crew Chief on a Catalina Flying Boat. He talks all about the history of their aircraft, how it performs in airshow displays and all about the ups and downs of ownership of a WW2 era aircraft.

Episode Notes

If the Catalina Flying Boat is one of the worlds most famous flying boats, then "Miss Pick Up" is one of the most famous Catalinas. But why "Miss Pick Up?" David tells his story as the editor of the Catalina Society website and newsletter, as well as his role as Crew Chief, the vital third wheel in the cockpit of this ageing beauty. David shares a real insight into the history of the aircraft, along with the complexities of owning such a beast regarding maintenance and finances etc. 

Happy 100th birthday to WW2 Catalina Pilot and Victoria Cross medal recipient John Cruickshank VC.


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